Basal profile and correlation between biomarkers and other physiological parameters in mixed martial arts fighters after 72 hours of total rest
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sports medicine
physical education

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Gonçalves, L. C. O. ., Neto, A. M. de M. ., Verli, M. V. de A. ., & Andrade, C. M. B. . (2022). Basal profile and correlation between biomarkers and other physiological parameters in mixed martial arts fighters after 72 hours of total rest: Perfil basal e correlação entre biomarcadores e outros parâmetros fisiológicos em combatentes de artes marciais mistas após 72 horas de descanso total. Europub Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, 3(1), 21–38.


The effects of physical exercise, whether for performance or health, on metabolism and the immune system have long intrigued researchers and professionals. The main objective was to investigate and present the baseline values, after a total rest of 72 hours, of blood and urine biomarkers and other physiological variables in high-level MMA athletes, drawing a correlation between these data with the heat map strategy. 16 male individuals participated in the study. All individuals were on absolute rest for 72 hours. Blood and urine have collected from participants at rest and fasting. In these fluids, eosinophils, neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, cortisol, lactate, ketone, pH, sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, CK-MB, D-dimer, Cystatin C, urate, phosphatase alkaline, and microalbuminuria have been measured. The Handgrip Strength has obtained with a Jamar® handgrip dynamometer. The highest positive and negative correlation coefficients (CC), as well as their P values, were presented between body mass and body mass index (CC = 0.946), between body mass and blood lactate (0.857), body mass and lactate (0.788), height and body mass (0.788), calcium and sodium (0.765), height and lactate (0.742), calcium and alkaline phosphatase (0.676), height and urate (0.641), CK-MB and alkaline phosphatase (0.637) D-dimer and alkaline phosphatase (0.618), in addition to negative correlations between lymphocytes and neutrophils (-0.894), cystatin C and D-dimer (-0.788), cortisol and sodium (-0.626), cortisol and calcium (-0.595), chloride and lymphocytes (-0.587), chloride and microalbuminuria (-0.587) and chloride and handgrip strength (-0.580). Physical Education and Sports Science are increasingly entering the field of public health, whether in epidemiological studies or health profiles, as an important agent in the promotion, protection, and recovery of the world population's health. Studies with reference values that seek a correlation between biomarkers and other variables are among the most read and cited when preparing a project in sports medicine. The present study reaffirms correlations already well known by science and proposes future research perspectives aiming at the performance of athletes and exercise practitioners and their longevity with quality of life.
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