Health and well-being exploring diversity and complexity

ISBN: 978-65-983230-2-8
Editor(a): Anderson Cezar Zani

The book, “Health and Well-being: Exploring Diversity and Complexity,” invites us to a journey of discovery through a comprehensive VIEW at the subject.
This book, meticulously put together by experts in the fields of health and social sciences, highlights the understanding of health and well-being. It’s not just about physical issues, but rather an intricate web of factors that include cultural, social, psychological, and environmental aspects.
Throughout its pages, we are prompted to reflect on the multiple dimensions of health and well-being. Similarly, we are challenged to confront the inherent complexity of these topics as well as the intersections between these elements.
Therefore, I invite everyone to delve into this reading, which will certainly provide us with valuable insights and inspire us to promote a healthier and more balanced life for all.

Ano de Publicação: 2024
Edição: 1
Páginas: 127